Crossing i’s and dotting t’s – June 19, 2017

Settlement has now been and gone and the 18 months of waiting are now a distant memory. At least one lot in our land release have started site works with soil having been scraped and removed from the block. Water meters have been installed on about 6-7 blocks – this seems to be another step towards construction commencing. No sign of a tap at our block yet.

Next on the agenda:

  • Select kitchen appliances
  • Receive final construction plans for review
  • Get engineering approval on specific elements of build
  • Sign construction plans and associated documentation
  • Submit plans for council approval
  • Receive approval from council
  • Start construction

While there always seems to be ‘one more thing’ to do it feels like we’re now closer than ever to commencing construction.

Latest odds for construction start


No change in the betting this week.

  • June Start: 1,000-1
  • July Start: 2-1 fav
  • August Start: 12-1
  • September Start: 50-1