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Roof on, plumbing rough-in – Day 44 – October 6, 2017

Plenty of progress occurring this week

  • Fixed an issue with the doorway between the garage and hallway
  • Roof, facia and guttering installed on main roof areas
  • Spotted gum posts installed in kitchen and at front porch
  • Rough-in of plumbing; water (hot, cold and recycled) and gas
  • Rectify issue with roof trusses for garage

Next week should see windows installed on the ground floor, insulation wrap applied and brick work commencing.

Main roof done.

We’ve now got a doorway where we need it.

Rough-in for plumbing has been done. Hot and cold water hoses in the laundry.

Spotted gum posts installed in the kitchen area to provide additional structural support. The yellow hose visible above the posts is the gas line.

Bricks have arrived onsite. The brickies will start work next Tuesday.

View from the backyard.

More spotted gum posts at the front porch.



Roof Trusses– Day 37 – September 29, 2017

A short week this week with Friday being a public holiday in Victoria for the AFL Grand Final.

Progress is less dramatic than previous weeks with most of the roof trusses in place and facia and guttering being fitted to the second storey. From here I expect they’ll finish off roof trusses above the garage next week.

Looking forward to seeing some brickwork and windows going in soon.

First sign of the skillion roof shape.

Framing for the porch has also been constructed.

Roof line from the rear.

View from the backyard, looking into the alfresco area. The roof line over the alfresco/lounge area if very low – giving a feeling of more space in the backyard.

View from the Eastern side. The block directly beside us has no signs of construction yet.

Framing Progress – Day 31 – September 23, 2017

Fantastic progress this week with framing for the ground floor and second level both erected. The house is really starting to take shape now.

Next week should see roof trusses and maybe the colorbond roof installed.

See below for a video walkthrough of the ground floor.

More photos from our visit today.

The courtyard area with large windows on the ground level and first floor.

Windows above the kitchen bench and sink area.

View from the back yard looking towards the lounge window and alfresco area.

View from the kitchen towards the dining room.

View from the front of the house. Boys bedrooms at the front.


Frame Delivery – Day 23 – September 15, 2017

Today we had our first face-to-face onsite meeting with our site supervisor Chris. As we arrived a truck was unloading frames for the ground floor and a couple of guys were installing steel posts for the garage and rear of the house. We spent the next couple of hours speaking with Chris, running through elements of the home design. Chris was busy confirming details of the house design with us and we had plenty of questions for him about the order in which construction will proceed.

Chris has managed to secure the builder he believes will be the best fit for our project so that we reassuring. He should be starting onsite Monday or Tuesday next week with frames up and standing quickly. From that point there will be lots of activity over the coming week.

  • Frames for the top floor (wall frame and roof trusses)
  • Roof and guttering
  • Brickwork
  • Windows

In the space of 3 weeks the silhouette of our home will start to take shape. Exciting time ahead.

Pre-fabricated wall frames onsite and ready to go.

The builder has already called past and marked out the position of wall frames.

View from the rear of the slab. Materials stacked at the front of the block and termite protection (blue plastic) visible on the edges of the slab

Wall frames getting unloaded onsite