Regular update – 11 May, 2017

1 step forward, 2 steps back…

As we close in on a start date it’s easy to get enthusiastic about when we’ll see the first signs of construction on our block. After meeting with our builder and working through the final (?) list of discussion points it seemed like construction was imminent.


  • Scope of work was confirmed
  • Price confirmed
  • Finance pre-approved

The only thing we were waiting on was the land title office to start an avalanche of progress; settlement, building permit, construction! After speaking with the agent a few weeks earlier I expected it would be ready any day now… until I received a letter from the agent advising that the documentation had only just been submitted to the land titles office! With construction in the state of Victoria booming there is currently a 19 day wait (business days) until our application will even start to be reviewed. It may then take anywhere between 2 and 5 weeks to process the lots in our stage release so we’re potentially 2 months away from that milestone.

On the plus side this will give us time to save some additional money, a necessity after receiving a variation quote for additional site works. The soil test identified that there was 70 cm of fill across the entire block and the builder doesn’t want to simply drop a waffle slab on the site, advising that it would be better to drill a series of piers to provide more robust foundations. I’m happy to follow their recommendation however it comes at a significant cost. It’s been a challenging journey to this point and we certainly don’t want to build a house that starts developing cracks in the walls after a couple of years. As mentioned previously, we intend for this to be our forever home.


So, the waiting game continues…

Revised odds for construction start


  • May Start: 1,000,00-1
  • June Start: 1,000-1
  • July Start: 100-1
  • August Start: 6-1 fav
  • September Start: 25-1