Civil works update – March 17, 2017

The arrival of bitumen!

Our block is included in a stage release that comprises 3 new sections of road. This week the bitumen has been laid on the other streets with ours to follow next week (I’d expect).

In further developments a footpath has been constructed in Wagtail Avenue on the opposite side to our home. We might not have a footpath at the front of our house with pedestrian traffic directed to the other side, not a bad result as it provide more space for lawn and gardens in front of our home.

I also noticed that street lights have been installed throughout the stage release. Looking back at last weeks photos that had previously been installed however I hadn’t noticed – too focused on the road surface 😉


New road surface on Merrijg Drive. Wagtail Avenue will be next!


Road surface ready for bitumen. Footpath constructed and street lights installed. Almost there…