Civil works update – April 7, 2017

Apart from a few trees to be planted it seems like the civil works are now complete. Progress since last week.

  • Footpaths completed
  • Bitumen completed
  • Building lots levelled
  • Street signs installed
  • Hydro seeding applied to nature strips

Advice from the vendor is that title registration is anticipated late April 2017.

We now need to finalise the building contract and financing so we can start construction in May (fingers crossed).

Road to home

The road to home

Wagtail Ave Sign

The place we’ll be calling home

NBN Ready

NBN Ready!

The dreaded green box

The dreaded green box! The stakes on the left, right and back identify the area in which no structures or planting can be located.

Our block - pre construction

Our block. A blank canvas ready for construction.