Civil works update – March 5, 2017

Some evidence of electrical cables being installed and a little more work in the retaining basin area this week. Fingers crossed we’ll see some bitumen on the road by the end of the week.

No much progress on the road surface this week. It looks like they’ve been busy installing electricity cables (see other image below).

Electricity cabling being installed at the intersection of Horseshoe Bend Road and Wagtail Avenue

Apart from stringing some wires between posts it looks like works on the retaining basin is near completion.

Civil works update – February 17, 2017

Another week flashes past and it’s time for a drive-by visit of our block. As we suspected last week they’ve made further progress on the roads related to our stage. It’s starting to look more like a road each week.

Next week we might even see some kerb and channel taking shape.

190217 Civil Works Update

Wagtail Avenue starting to take shape.

Just a little bit further up the road they’re doing the same thing. More men, more machines, more progress.

Civil Works 170217

Progress on the Merijig Drive section of road – just a little further along.

Civil works update – February 10, 2017

I drove past the block today for my regular Friday afternoon progress check and was happy to see earth moving machinery working directly in our street. While I’m not in the road making business it looked like a soil compactor was busy moving back and forth on our street. Next stop, bitumen!

Well maybe not, but it’s another good sign that we’re getting closer to seeing a road surface being laid. Looking forward to seeing more progress next week.

Feb 10 civil works

Civil works update – end November 2016

After an exciting start to November there hasn’t been a lot of direct action in the past couple of weeks – more specifically the activity seems to be focused on the retaining basin/wetland area at the base of the development site (a few 100 metres across from our house block). Scrapers and excavators have been working there for the past few weeks, sculpting an area that will capture storm water for the surrounding area. I guess they need to get it ready to accept water prior to building roads and gutters that will direct water to that area. I’ve been telling myself that in the hope that they’ll switch back to the roads and services for our block as soon as that’s complete.

As evidenced by the photo below the piles have moved a little however it doesn’t look like they’re about to lay asphalt in the next few weeks. While I suspect things could change dramatically with just a few days work I’m sceptical that we’ll have title by the end of February. Fingers crossed.



See those grey piles on the left of the photo? They didn’t used to be there! Exciting eh?

Progress on the civil works front

One of the challenges we encountered early in our journey was securing a suitable block to build our new home. As often happens it was only when we’d stopping searching that something came along. From there, things have moved slowly…

We found the block in November 2015, signed the contract of sale in March 2016 and initial indications were that the civil works would be completed and title would be available to start construction in August 2016. Months went by and August came and went without any sign of soil being turned on the site.

Other works were being carried out elsewhere in the broader development site that impacted on our block, i.e. storm water drainage however it was depressing to visit on weekends and see no discernible progress.

Another follow-up email to the agent and we received a revised timeline – late February. At this stage I was pretty sceptical however a visit to the site a few weeks ago showed there was activity. Thanks to the team from Lake & Land earth was being moved, trenches were being dug and pipes being laid. There was actual progress on the street our house would be built!

Excited dog

The sight of earth-moving activity had us as excited as a dog with two tails.

Check back to see more dirt mounts in the coming weeks. Eventually we should see concrete curbs, roads and street lights taking shape as we inch closer to construction.

Civil Works - 20 October 2016

While this photo might just look like a bunch of dirt mounds it’s very exciting to see activity in our stage release.

We might have found some land

After a few months of inspecting existing homes and blocks of land for sale we’ve placed a holding deposit on a lot located within the Dunes Estate in Torquay. After a bit of snooping around we found the development plan of the estate on the Surf Coast Shire website. This shows the scope of the estate – our block is located on the eastern side (right of map), around the middle.

Our chosen block is close to an existing sports oval and a proposed new primary school with the beach only a leisurely 1km walk away. Not a bad spot to spend the next stage of our life together.

We were originally looking for blocks closer to 600 m2 however these seem to be rarer than hens teeth * so when we spotted a block available in a good location that was a little over 500 m2 we thought we’d go for it. If we find something better or change our mind we can cancel our hold and reclaim the deposit. So, it’s worth exploring and we’ll see what unfolds from here.

Apparently hens teeth are quite rare.

* Apparently hens teeth are quite rare.

Eight blocks went on sale in the Zeally Sands Estate just over the road from our block and people were camping out for up to 2 days! We’re not about to start camping out for land so when the opportunity arose, we grabbed it.

The blocks within the Dunes Estate seem expensive compared to other blocks in the area but demand is strong in Torquay North and I don’t forsee prices dropping any time soon. Either way, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush (this post seems to contain a lot of bird related references).

From here we’ll start digging deeper into the specifics of costs associated with building on this block

  • Will the home design we’ve selected meet the estate design guidelines?
  • What other site costs are associated with the block?
    • Developer
    • Council
    • Others

The Dune Estate has a couple of other bonus features:

  • It’s NBN ready meaning we can connect up to super fast Internet.
  • It has access to Class A recycled water meaning you can water gardens all year round, free from water restrictions.