Framing Progress – Day 31 – September 23, 2017

Fantastic progress this week with framing for the ground floor and second level both erected. The house is really starting to take shape now.

Next week should see roof trusses and maybe the colorbond roof installed.

See below for a video walkthrough of the ground floor.

More photos from our visit today.

The courtyard area with large windows on the ground level and first floor.

Windows above the kitchen bench and sink area.

View from the back yard looking towards the lounge window and alfresco area.

View from the kitchen towards the dining room.

View from the front of the house. Boys bedrooms at the front.


Frame Delivery – Day 23 – September 15, 2017

Today we had our first face-to-face onsite meeting with our site supervisor Chris. As we arrived a truck was unloading frames for the ground floor and a couple of guys were installing steel posts for the garage and rear of the house. We spent the next couple of hours speaking with Chris, running through elements of the home design. Chris was busy confirming details of the house design with us and we had plenty of questions for him about the order in which construction will proceed.

Chris has managed to secure the builder he believes will be the best fit for our project so that we reassuring. He should be starting onsite Monday or Tuesday next week with frames up and standing quickly. From that point there will be lots of activity over the coming week.

  • Frames for the top floor (wall frame and roof trusses)
  • Roof and guttering
  • Brickwork
  • Windows

In the space of 3 weeks the silhouette of our home will start to take shape. Exciting time ahead.

Pre-fabricated wall frames onsite and ready to go.

The builder has already called past and marked out the position of wall frames.

View from the rear of the slab. Materials stacked at the front of the block and termite protection (blue plastic) visible on the edges of the slab

Wall frames getting unloaded onsite


Slab poured Day 17 – September 9, 2017

Even though the construction team had sent us photos of formwork being set-up and the slab being poured we still wanted to visit the block and check on progress for ourselves.

Now the concrete has been poured we have a better feel for how the house sits on the block and how much space we’ll have for gardens and other non house-related structures .

The obligatory front of house shot. Should I ask them to move the toilet to the side so I don’t have 6 months of photos with a toilet sitting in the middle of picture?

The garage (closest to camera), entry hallway and office (farthest from camera).


Rear of the house with step down to alfresco area.

This ‘cut out’ section of the slab will hopefully provide some added light and a green view from the home office.

Step down into the alfresco. As funds allow we’ll get a timber deck built over the concrete.

Unfortunately communication has failed somewhere along the line and the size of the alfresco doesn’t match the dimensions indicated on our construction plans (see below). The Alfresco is supposed to extend 1 metre beyond the boundary of the main slab, providing more space for furniture and people when friends come to visit. We’ve advise our site supervisor so we’ll wait to hear from him on Monday.

Slab formwork – Day 15 – September 7, 2017

The weather this week has been terrible! Overcast, wet and very cold across most of Victoria with snow falling at Lorne earlier in the week. We’d been bracing ourselves for limited progress so when we received an email from our site supervisor last night we were pleasantly surprised.

As you can see from the photos below the formwork has been set-up and they’re planning on pouring the slab today (weather permitting).

Looking forward to a site visit tomorrow and getting a better feel for the scale of the house and it’s position on the block.

View from front of house. Office and front door directly in front of photo position.

View from eastern side (garage side)

View towards back of house. Alfresco area in top RHS of photo.

Under floor drainage and power – Day 10 – September 2, 2017

A full week of ‘construction time’ has passed between site visits so hopes were high that we’d see some action. We weren’t disappointed.

The first thing we noticed was a toilet, skip bin and signage identifying our building site. Minor things but they helped give the block that ‘building site’ feel.

This week they’ve installed under floor drainage and power so that these services are available in the required location after the slab is poured.

Looking forward to more progress next week.

Week 2 – View from across the road

Drainage and power poking out of the ground

View from the rear of the block

The boys enjoyed playing on the pile of soil sitting at the front of the block


Site Cut – Day 1 – August 24, 2017

1 year, 11 months and 14 days (714 days) after we placed the sold sticker on our previous home we’ve finally started construction on our new home in Torquay.

Site cut was carried out on the block today in preparation for sewer connection and slab preparation.

It hasn’t changed the view much (it’s still an empty block) but it means a lot to see some activity that’s a part of the overall construction process.

The first of many photos from directly across the road

The block was already relatively level so not much earth-moving was required.