Monthly Archive: February 2017

Civil works update – February 17, 2017

Another week flashes past and it’s time for a drive-by visit of our block. As we suspected last week they’ve made further progress on the roads related to our stage. It’s starting to look more like a road each week.

Next week we might even see some kerb and channel taking shape.

190217 Civil Works Update

Wagtail Avenue starting to take shape.

Just a little bit further up the road they’re doing the same thing. More men, more machines, more progress.

Civil Works 170217

Progress on the Merijig Drive section of road – just a little further along.

Civil works update – February 10, 2017

I drove past the block today for my regular Friday afternoon progress check and was happy to see earth moving machinery working directly in our street. While I’m not in the road making business it looked like a soil compactor was busy moving back and forth on our street. Next stop, bitumen!

Well maybe not, but it’s another good sign that we’re getting closer to seeing a road surface being laid. Looking forward to seeing more progress next week.

Feb 10 civil works

Civil works update – Start February 2016

Time for a post Christmas update, our first for 2017. Since our last post in late November 2016 there has been continued activity onsite. Most of this activity has been confined to the retaining basin area with a small army of men and machines transforming the area into an attractive wetland space.

With our most recent forecast settlement date drawing near (mid February) I once again enquired with the estate agent. The latest update:

The civil works on stage 3 are in full swing now the basin is finished. Sewer is in and drainage are almost finished. It is projected that all works will be complete 30 March with titles from there.

The initial forecast was August 2016 so things are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay behind schedule however based on current activity onsite I actually believe this forecast might be achievable. Previous communication with the agent suggested it may take anywhere between 3 and 9 weeks for compliance checks to be carried out and titles to be processed so that might land us somewhere in April/May for receiving title on the block. From there we have soil tests before confirming building contracts and finance arrangement. And then…. we can start construction! 🙂

I’ve included a few photos of recent civil works onsite. We’re looking forward to seeing some road and guttering taking shape soon.

Civil works 21/12/16

Building the retaining basin – December 21, 2016

Civil works 21/12/16

When you’re waiting for title on land an excavator moving soil can be exciting.

Civil works 6/1/17

The retaining basin/wetland area starting to take shape – January 6, 2017

Civil works 20/1/17

Our home site – not far from where the excavators are parked – January 20, 2017