Monthly Archive: January 2016

Our first draft designs

Things have moved forward a little since our last post on January 6.

  • We’ve had a couple of meetings with GJ Gardener and have started the design process for our new home. So far they’ve been very accommodating and we appreciate the flexibility they are offering over the big name volume builders.
  • We’ve received the Contract of Sale from the agent for purchase of our selected block. No real surprises here.
  • The agent has received word from the engineers that we can’t swap our crossover to the western side of the block (our preferred option). This means we’ll need to modify our original design which was based on the garage being locations on the western side of the block.
  • The name of the street we’ll be living in has changed. It’s now called Wagtail Avenue.

The design process has been enjoyable although it’s hard to ignore the feeling that you’ve forgotten something or whether the dimensions and orientation of fixtures is the best solution. We’ve read in many places that you don’t ‘get it right‘ until the 3rd home you build. Hopefully by doing plenty of research online and talking with people who’ve been through the process we can get the best possible outcome.

Our plan is to nail down the home design in the next month so we can confirm costs and get a handle on construction costs. There are still additional expenses that we’ll need to budget for, on top of the land and construction.

  • Window furnishings
  • Fencing
  • TV antenna
  • Clothes line
  • Security system
  • Fly screens
  • Gardens/landscaping
  • Letterbox

A few areas that also might cost more

  • Upgrading the heating/cooling system
  • Site costs (depending on whether additional soil needs to be removed)
  • Additional built in cabinetry for walk-in robes in all bedrooms

In the end we’ll be spending a lot of money but we’ll get the home we want, in the place we want to live. Even though we’ve got more than 12 months until we move in it’s fun to imagine how great it’s going to be when we have family and friends visiting our new home. Exciting times ahead!

Things are starting to develop

After a couple of months of inactivity we’ve now got movement on a couple of fronts

  • The real estate agent has advised that the land sale contracts will be available next week. This will require us to commit to the block we currently have a holding deposit on.
  • We’ve started examining an alternate builder based on a recommendation from someone who recently built a new home.

We’ve found a home design from this alternate builder that can provide a good start point for our ‘dream home‘ design. Initial price discussions are a little scary so we might need to either reduce the overall house size or switch back to our original selected builder.

We’re going to meet with a member of their sales team on Saturday so we’ll have a better idea of what is possible and how much it might cost by Saturday night.